Founded in May 2020, Sugar Pop Fizz is dedicated to bringing fun, whimsical and colorful designs to help uplift and motivate you during your day to day adeventures.

Creativity for Life.

where it started

Hi! I'm Mallorie and I'm the gal behind Sugar Pop Fizz. Its mostly just me running the show with the occassional help from my husband as the self appointed "Foil King". I joined the planner community in early 2019 kind of by accident. I was scrolling on my FYP on YouTube and stumbled on this video of a person just decorating the crap out of their planner with stickers. The maximalist in me was intrigued and the 10 year old stationary freak inside of me was elated! I essentially pushed myself down the rabbit hole and have made myself a home down here....inviting anyone that will listen to stay. Joining the planner community has really brought such joy to my life and has fostered new connections and friendships; and to be honest some validation to some of my weird stationary inspired quirks (anyone else like the smell of fresh planner pages).

In 2018 I retired from being a Pastry Chef and wanted to pursue something creative but that was completely all my own. Something that I had the full creative freedom over and that would also allow me to set my own work schedule as much of my holidays were spent in the bakery with my team pushing out orders. I started a few small businesses at the end of my pastry career (all of the creative in some way), learning from each, the dos and donts of eccomerce business. One of my businesses, which was started as a very small side hustle to help pay off my student loans grew into something that consumed most of my daylight hours during 2019. I learned alot from that business and when I had to close it at the end of March 2020 because the market and the world had shifted in a different direction, I was ready to pivot.

I gave my self about 5-6 weeks to learn what I needed to know and decided that I would figure out the rest as I went. I jumped feet first and opened Sugar Pop Fizz on May 15th 2020. I spent the rest of 2020 figuring things out and had alot of trials and errors. In 2021 and 2022 I focused on what I wanted Sugar Pop Fizz to be not just as a company but as a brand and here we are today.

The absolute best part of starting Sugar Pop Fizz was and will always be the people I get to chat with every day and the new friends and connections I have made. The journey so far has been incredible and I'm so excited to see where we can go from here. Truly, from the bottom of my heart thank you for being here and I hope that I can add as much joy and happiness to your life as you do mine.

<3 Mal

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